Project Details

Project Name   : Advanced Facility for Information Security and Cryptology for SETS
Location   : Chennai
Year Of Completion   : 2009
Area   : 62000 Sq.ft.


The Advanced Facility in Information Security and Cryptology Building for the Society for Electronic Transactions and Security (SETS) was constructed at the gateway of Chennai’s IT Expressway. Set amidst Chennai’s premier Educational establishments, SETS is a unique public private partnership based institution, initiated by the Government of India, whose prime function is research in Network and Information Security and Cryptology. The Client’s outline was to construct a building which will house an administrative and Office zone (Yellow), a High Security Research Zone (Green) and a very High security research zone (Red).

To have a facade akin to a fortress that would reflect the impenetrable secured Network solutions developed by the users inside the shell was the foremost design idea. Exposed Concrete was the selected tool to articulate this effect. Three Cuboids, one for each zone are set in juxtaposition by a rectilinear connecting Aero bridge above a open Courtyard.

The 2.9 acre campus was designed to ensure a proper and restricted circulation route as per zoning and sufficient space for future utilities. The building orientation was a direct by-product of the site profile, where space for future horizontal expansion had to be planned.
The Yellow Zone houses the Main Reception, Office Spaces, Library, a 100 seater Audio visual hall and Office of the top brass of the Institute. A sky lit atrium is tucked into the heart of this Zone to serve as a congregation space and also as a visual link between floors. The public domain starts and ends here as access to Green and Red zones is strictly restricted.

Minimal sheath of glass jutting out of the Outer Concrete skin in Green and Red zone is the only visible part to the passer by. The Concrete skin also acts as a shade against the harsh sunlight which is channelized by the angular walls with buffer landscape spaces, which nevertheless does not reduce the quality of light. The minimal or nil opening in the road facing façade too is a direct outcome of the Security restrictions.

The interior mimes the colors of the Zones with respective colors peppered into the subtle fit out. Clear circulation based on location provides a sense of occasion, entry, reduces confusion, improves functionality and usability to the interiors. The outcome is that of a peaceful working environment to the cocoon of the Cryptologists.