Kodaikanal International School

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Project Details

Project Name : Students and Staff Residences for Kodaikanal International School
Location : Ganga Campus, KIS, Kodaikanal
Year Of Completion : 2014
Area : 51,500 Sq.ft.


Kodaikanal International School located in Kodaikanal is a renowned 100 plus year old Educational Institution in India.The Client’s primary motive was to add on to the existing Dormitory and Staff Housing facilities. Thus, 3 nos of Students Residences and 2 nos of Staff Residences were to be constructed simultaneously.

As the Site is situated in a Hilly terrain, our primary objective was to retain the existing site levels as much as possible. This was achieved by locating each building at different heights with connecting walkways interlinking them. Due to the highly contoured terrain, we were able to connect both the floors of each Dormitory block (Lower and Upper Level), with the External Ground directly, with the help of covered connecting corridors.

A part of the lower level section is located on the slope that has been excavated, thus receiving thermal comfort from the earth surrounding it. Sloped roof design to both the building types, brings in local flavour, and is also in tune with the rainy climatic conditions. The dorm rooms are oriented generally facing East and West to maximize heat gain and natural lighting.

Privacy is achieved by introducing a foyer between the entrance and the dorm. The arrangement of room along a linear corridor avoids confusion in the movement. Facilities like the pantry, common study room, computer room are provided within the block. Each Unit is entirely self sufficient. Each block consists of separate dorm Parent quarters. For hot water supply, Solar water heaters are installed on the terrace. Some part of the lower level floor slab is supported by columns and thus earth filling is avoided, making it a cost effective solution and releasing space for better utilization.