Project Details

Project Name : Lotus Footwear Ltd.- SEZ Project
Location : Cheyyar SEZ
Year Of Completion : 2011
Area : 11,63,400 Sq.ft (Built –up area)
: 1,113,400 Sq.m. (Site Area)


Cheyyar SEZ was developed as a Special Economic Zone for a Taiwanese Footwear Company called Feng Tay in Cheyyar near Kancheepuram. The Site is about 275 acres. The Site was developed as 5 compounded Units in Phases.

The main site was divided into two halves by a central road. On either side of the road, each factory unit was developed. The Administration Building for the entire SEZ is located near the main entrance and the canteen and the international guest house also located closer to the main road.

Each of the Unit has its own production buildings, warehouses, canteen block, 2 storey administration building and ancillary buildings compounded in an area of 1,50,000 Sq.M. approximately. Except for the Administration Building which is an RCC Framed structure, all the other buildings are Pre-Engineered buildings. This was adopted for faster construction as well as Flexible spans. The Production Units have single skin galvalume roofing sheet with under deck insulation out of rockwool. There are skylight panels on the roof to let in ample light. The sides above the parapet up to the lintel are open and fixed only with PVC chain link mesh. This along with the ridge ventilator helps in amplifying the ambient temperature of the production block.