I.I.T Kanpur

Project Details

Project Name : International Hostel for Foreign Students
Location : Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
Year Of Completion : 2016
Area : 6,600 Sq.M.


The client, Indian Institute of Technology, is a world renowned Educational Institution, and here our objective is to design an International Hostel for Foreign Students, in their Kanpur Campus.

In this project, we have focused to step up the design parameters in all aspects, with some of the basic criteria being, the challenge to blend in this building with the various others, without losing its own identity. In tune with the mindset of the present generation, the design radiates vibrancy with its dynamic massing, and colors.

Exposed Brickwork or Brick tile facing being a primary Design element throughout the Campus, finds its place in the Hostel’s External balconies. The block- A consists of the Mens hostel with 2 wings and Block- B consists of the Womens hostel in 1 wing and Family Accommodation in the other. Both the L- Shaped blocks face the central courtyard. Both the blocks have separate entries, through covered walkways.