Project Details

Project Name : Master Plan for Sabarimala Sannidhanam
Location : Sabarimala, Kerala
Year Of Completion : 2050
Client : High Power Committee, Devaswom Board


Sabarimala Temple dedicated to the Lord Ayyappa is situated in the deep dense forest on the virgin hills of Sabari in the Pattanamthitta District of Kerala. Millions of pilgrims visit the temple every year in the season of November to January to perform the significant ritual of pouring the ghee carried by them onto the Deity. The heavy pilgrim flow during the peak season converging at Pamba and at Sannidhanam called for the redesign of the Masterplan. Ensuring the Pilgrims safety and enhancing the facilities provided for them and also to have minimal impact on the environment was the intent provided by the High Power Committee.

In a nutshell, the objective was to formulate a detailed Master plan for the development of the Sannidhanam. The master plan had to be detailed according to the time span and site conditions. Development of layout plans for various time spans had to be suggested. Organized zoning and land use pattern had to be developed. Proper and sufficient development of the infrastructure had to be addressed. The Future development had to be addressed taking into account the increase of pilgrims every year. The convenience and safety of the pilgrims had to be on top priority. Management of the fragile eco-system had to be addressed.

The Master plan identifies solution particularly in the areas of circulation, channelizing the flow of Pilgrims, solid waste management, water supply and sanitation, pilgrim management and improving and updating the basic requirements according to the increase in the number of pilgrims’ visitation.