1. Architectural Design
  2. Structural Design
  3. Interior Design
  4. Mechanical & Electrical Design
  5. Tender Management
  6. Project Management Consultancy
  7. Financial Control
  8. Quality Control
  9. Quantity Survey
  10. Post Hand over and Maintenance Management




  • • To date PNP has handled thousands of Projects in India, Srilanka and the Middle East. We have a comprehensive Design approach involving the efficient uitlization of space and materials, appropriate design solutions, optimisation of Engineering Services and effective Management of corresponding resources, Sensitization and participation of stake holders at all stages of a Project cycle are essential to achieve a responsible attitude to a commodity that’s more than just economic in nature. Our Services comprise of socio-economic studies, use of natural materials and adaptation of current Technical advances. Decentralised management of Projects have led to prompt and efficient deliveries.
  • • Since its inception, PNP has had a tilt towards Engineering despite being hardcore Architectural Design Consultancy Firm. Mr.Pithavadian was first a Certified Engineer for Guindy Engineering College before he also graduated as an Architect for Mc Hill, Canada. A strong in-house Engineering Team ensures that the Firm has minimal external dependency, this helping us achieve efficient and prompt deliveries to the Site. The Firm has Structural Design, Mechanical and Electrical design all under one roof.
  • • The Project Management Cell ensures on site deliveries are on time and most accurate.
  • • PNP has always considered COST to be of utmost importance. We can take credit for having designed some of the most economical structures around. The Designers are cost conscious and employ all possible measures that need to be affected to ensure the Client gets value for money without any compromise on the Safety of the building or the systems within.
  • • PNP’s experience embraces all aspects of Architectural and engineering Design. The decades of exposure have provided us with an enviable library of information and references. All this is achieved with the help of the latest Hardware and Software systems. Offices with a conducive working environment and a workforce that is totally dedicated to the Organisation and equipped to face the challenges of the competition.
  • • The keep our Architects and Engineers abreast with the latest in Engineering and Construction Technology, periodical training sessions are conducted within the Organisation as well as by exposure to Technical Seminars. At PNP the stress is on developing multi-disciplinary capabilities to cope with the challenges of International Consulting and retention of a satisfied Client base, all by creating an environment for all its Employees to achieve the required level of job satisfaction.




  1. Assimilation of Design inputs from the Client.
  2. Prepare alternate design solutions for individual buildings and the Master plan.
  3. Preparing drawings and providing inputs to assist Clients in obtaining approvals from Statutory Authorities.
  4. Complete Tender Management (Pretender and Tender evaluation) for Civil works, Mechanical & Electrical works, Fire & Security system, PHE & Interior Fit-out.
  5. Prepare detailed working drawings for Civil works, Mechanical & Electrical works, Fire & Security system, PHE & Interior Fit-out.
  6. Prepare co-ordinated drawings incorporating all services in layers.
  7. Prepare Structural drawings during the course of construction.
  8. Project Management and Construction Management including Bill checking & certification along with overall financial tracking.
  9. Quantity Survey & Quality Assurance during project execution stage.
  10. Prepare as-built drawings and handing documentation at the closure of Project.