The facility in Morinda, Punjab, Integrates Vibracoustic India and Freudenberg NOK India into a comprehensive complex. Spanning 1,04,737.70 Sq.M, The master plan prioritizes the layout, encompassing the main production plant, utility block, office block, dining halls, and essential utilities, ensuring self-sufficiency for both units. The original design emphasizes robust infrastructure and potential synergies between the units. To streamline traffic flow, truck entries are positioned at the south using Rastha Road. The main entry for workers, staff, and visitors is located at the north side of the site. Utility buildings for Unit 1 and Unit 2 are strategically attached to the production plants, facilitating efficient control over services. Loading and unloading docks are provided at both supply and dispatch ends.

Morinda, Punjab
Site Area
25.00 Acre 1,01,171.40 Sqm
Built Up Area
45,540.71 Sqm
2022 - 2024